• Long-term Sustainability Solutions
    Specialised in Industrial Instrumentation
    ​Smart Meter & Energy Management System (EMS)
    ​Water Flow Meter & Water Management System (WMS)

    ​Process Controller, Transducer, Data Logger, Gateway
    IoT 4.0 System Integration
    ​Detail Engineering, Project Planning
    ​Testing and Calibration 

     EDR Power Integrators

     Engineering, Design, Research

     » Energy Conservation and Efficiency Optimization Techniques

     » Long term Sustainability Solution

Engineering Design, Development

EDR conceptualize innovative solutions that drive efficiency.

Production &

Our skilled team brings ideas to life, ensuring high-quality products.

Quality Testing & Validation

Rigorous testing ensures reliability, performance & Meet the Standards

Finished Product
​Ready to Market 

End to End Solution for all Application, Cost Effective & Precise

Our Products
Electrical Meters

    » 3 Phase AC Energy Meter

    » DC Energy Meter

    » Demand Controller / Tri-Vector

    » AC/DC Voltmeter / Ammeter

    » VAF / P.F / Panel meter


    » Multifunction Transducer

    » AC / DC Voltage Transducer

    » AC / DC Current Transducer

    » Temperature Transducer

    » Signal Isolator / Converter

Protection Relays

    » Zero Speed Switch

    » DC Earth Fault Relay

    » AC / DC Voltage Controller

    » AC / DC Current Controller

    » Over Current / Earth Fault 

Automation & Control Panel

    » PLC Control Panel

    » VFD Control Panel

    » MCC / Starter Panel

    » Remote IO Panel

    » Communication Panel

Process Instruments

    » Water Flow Meter

    » Temperature Controller

    » Process Indicator / Controller

    » pH / TDS / Water Quality Meter

    » Pressure / Humidity / Level

IoT Products

    » IoT Gateway 4G / 5G

    » Data Concentrator 

    » SMS Alert System

    » Wireless Controller

    » IO Module / Sensor Module

Custom Builds

    » LED Large Display Unit

    » Data Logger / Scanner

    » VARIAC / Rectifier

    » VFD Reforming Kit

    » Portable Power Analyzer Kit  

Power Quality

    » APFC / DPFC Panel

    » Active Harmonic Filter / SVG

    » Battery Charger

    » Thyristor Heater Control Panel

    » Voltage Stabilizer / UPS

Project Management

Detail Engineering, Project Planning, Cost Estimation and Control, BOM, Project Execution, CAD,  Consulting, Energy Site study and Power Quality Analysis, Technical Validation, Documentation, 


Energy Management System, Power Quality Solutions, Control Panels (Automatic Power factor Correction Panel, Thyristor based Heater Control Panel, Maximum Demand Control Panel ,MCC, APFC/ DPFC, Harmonics Filter, Industrial Battery charger)


Industry 4.0 Solutions for Industries, Automobile, Steel Plant, Building, Office, Healthcare,  Food Processing, Logistics, Telecom, Agriculture, Warehouse etc.


Supply Field Instruments, Water Flow Meter, Process Control System, Automation Control Panel, Installation & Commissioning, Testing & Calibration (PLC,VFD, Servo)