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Our Products

Electrical Meters

    » 3 Phase AC Energy Meter

    » DC Energy Meter

    » Demand Controller / Tri-Vector

    » AC/DC Voltmeter / Ammeter

    » VAF / P.F / Panel meter


    » Multifunction Transducer

    » AC / DC Voltage Transducer

    » AC / DC Current Transducer

    » Temperature Transducer

    » Signal Isolator / Converter

Protection Relays

    » Zero Speed Switch

    » DC Earth Fault Relay

    » AC / DC Voltage Controller

    » AC / DC Current Controller

    » Over Current / Earth Fault 

Automation & Control Panel

    » PLC Control Panel

    » VFD Control Panel

    » MCC / Starter Panel

    » Remote IO Panel

    » Communication Panel

Process Instruments

    » Water Flow Meter

    » Temperature Controller

    » Process Indicator / Controller

    » pH / TDS / Water Quality Meter

    » Pressure / Humidity / Level

IoT Products

    » IoT Gateway 4G / 5G

    » Data Concentrator 

    » SMS Alert System

    » Wireless Controller

    » IO Module / Sensor Module

Custom Builds

    » LED Large Display Unit

    » Data Logger / Scanner

    » VARIAC / Rectifier

    » VFD Reforming Kit

    » Portable Power Analyzer Kit  

Power Quality

    » APFC / DPFC Panel

    » Active Harmonic Filter / SVG

    » Battery Charger

    » Thyristor Heater Control Panel

    » Voltage Stabilizer / UPS

Our Solutions

EMS - Energy Management System

Integration: Energy / Multifunction Meter / MDC / Breakers

WMS - Water Management System

Integration: Water Flow Meter / Level / pH / TDS / ORP / Salinity

Building Management System

Integration: HVAC / Energy / CCTV / PBAX / Fire Alarm

Air Conditioning Management System

Integration : Temperature / Humidity / Pressure / Controller / Energy

Smart Light Automation System

Integration: Controller / Real-time clock / Protection  

Machines Condition Monitoring 

Integration: Run Hour / Idle hour / Breakdown / OEE

Battery Monitoring System

Integration: Battery Voltage / Current / Float -Boost Charger

Solar Monitoring System

Integration: DC-AC Meter / Bi-directional / String / Battery / Inverter

Temperature Data logging

Integration: Temperature / Humidity / Dew point

Gas Detection System

Integration: Gas Meter / PPM / Alarm

Protocol Gateways 

Electrical and Instrument Panel

Power Factor Correction Panel

LT APFC - Automatic Power factor Correction Panel (Contactor Switching)

DPFC - Dynamic Power factor Correction Panel (Thyristor Switching), 

With Tuned , Detuned Filter Reactor, 7% or 14%, 

HPFC-Hybrid Power factor Correction Panel (Active & Passive Compensation)

Range: 50 kVAr to 900 kVAr, Voltage: 400 to 950V, 3Phase System

Automatic / Manual, Real time Correction, Lag and Lead Compensation

Harmonic Filters

Passive Harmonic Filter  / Active Harmonic Filter

415V - Voltage:380V to 480V, Current: 60A to 630A, 3 Phase System

690V - Voltage: 480V to 690V, Current: 160A to 320A, 3 Phase System

Harmonic Cancellation: 2nd to 61st Order

Closed Control basis, Three level topology, Auto Voltage Stabilization

Fully Redundant, Unit Parallel Operation, 98% Efficiency, IEE519 

Metering Division

Three Phase Energy Meter, Multifunction Meter, LT /HT Trivector Meter, Maximum Demand Controller, Smart Meter, Smart Load Manager, Three Phase / Single Phase Static Meter, Digital Ammeter, Voltmeter, VAF Meter, Power (kVA, kW, kVAr) Meter, MW (Mega Watt) Meter, Power factor Meter,  Frequency Meter, Dual-Source Energy Meter, Bi-directional Energy Meter, Power quality Analyser, DC Voltmeter / Ammeter, DC Energy Meter, Power factor controller, AC Voltage Controller, AC Current Controller, Power Integration Controller. System: 3 Phase 4 wire / 3 wire, Single Phase ; True RMS Measurement, Low PT, CT burden (< 0.2VA), LCD and LED Display ;

Input Secondary Voltage: 415V / 110V, CT: 5A / 1A ; Primary PT/CT field Programmable (3.3 / 11 / 33 / 66 / 110 / 132 / 220 / 400 / 765 kV)

Accuracy class: Class 1 / 0.5 / 0.2 as per IS14697 ; Auxiliary supply: 90-270 VAC/DC ; Mounting: Panel / Din-Rail / Surface

Dimension: 96(H)x96W) / 144(H)x144(H) mm ; Communication: RS485 MODBUS RTU, RJ45 MODBUS TCP, Wi-fi, Profibus.

Application: LT / HT Incomer, Substation, Power Plant, Control Panel, Gensets, Equipment, Machines, Pumps, Data logging to PLC.

Power Electronics

Substation Battery Charger

ICD make Thyristor based Battery Charger, Input: 415V / 230V AC, Output: 24V / 36V / 48V / 110V / 220V DC, designed to supply required DC Voltage and Current to the connected load and recharge the Battery on boost charging over it maintain the battery in Float mode. Thyristor Controller, Full wave Full Bridge Rectifier, Scheme: Single FCBC, FC & BC Separate, Redundant FCBC, FC & FCBC. The Charger select automatically float and boost mode charging when discharged battery is connected. Battery Charger ensures complete isolation from power supply by transformer and circuit design with high end microcontroller and state of control scheme. ICD Battery charger is suitable lead Acid Battery, VRLA, Non-VRLA, Ni-Cd Battery. Safety feature: Soft start DC Side, Battery reverse Polarity, Short circuit protection, Output current limit. DCDB Optional, IoT / SCADA Integration. Application: Substation, Power Plant, Telecom, Data Server, IT Companies, Hospitals . Approved make from Reputed user: TANGEDCO, BHEL, ICF, TNEB, AAI, NTPC, NPCIL, KSEB, NLC,

Energy Site Study & Power Quality Analysis

On-Site Study with EDR Engineers: Optimize Your Energy Usage and Reduce Costs

EDR Power Integrators, we are passionate about helping industries optimize their energy usage and reduce costs. As part of our commitment to customer satisfaction, we offer a comprehensive site study for energy measurement, power quality analysis, and suggestions for energy conservation techniques.


Our team of experienced engineers will visit your site to conduct a thorough analysis of your energy usage and identify areas where energy is being wasted. We use state-of-the-art equipment to measure energy usage and power quality, and our team will provide you with a detailed report of their findings, along with recommendations for improvement.


  • Our site study is an invaluable tool for any business looking to optimize its energy usage and reduce costs. It provides a roadmap for implementing energy-efficient practices and can help businesses save money on energy costs over the long term.
  • At EDR Power Integrators, we believe in delivering high-quality products and services that meet or exceed customer expectations. We pride ourselves on our exceptional customer service and are always available to answer any questions or provide support.
  • If you're interested in learning more about our site study services, please contact us today to schedule an appointment. We look forward to helping you optimize your energy usage and reduce costs.

Project Detail Engineering

Installation & Commissioning

Testing & Calibration