Testing & Calibration

EDR providing calibration services in the field of Electro-technical, Pressure, Mass & Volume and Thermal Equipment.

Energy Meter Calibration
Energy Meter Calibration

Energy Meter Calibration

Three Phase  / Single Phase

Energy Meter, Multifunction Meter, Static Meter

Flow Meter Calibration
Flow Meter Calibration

Flow Meter Calibration

Water Flow Meter

Mass / Gas Flow

Analog Panel meter Calibration
Analog Meter Calibration

Analog Meter Calibration

Voltmeter, Ammeter, Power Meter

PF Meter, Run hour Meter

Furnace Calibration
Furnace Calibration

Furnace Calibration

Temperature Controller, Thermocouple

Validation, Accuracy

Temperature Mapping
Temperature Mapping

Temperature Mapping

Temperature & Humidity Mapping,

Room Validation

HVAC System Calibration
HVAC System Calibration

HVAC System

Temperature, Humidity,

Pressure Sensor, Switch, Air Velocity  

Pressure Gauge Calibration
Pressure Calibration

Pressure Calibration

Pressure / Vacuum Gauge

Pressure Sensor / Transmitter

Gas Detector Calibration
Gas Sensor Calibration

Gas Sensor Calibration

Gas Sensor / Detector

O2, CO, H2S, LEL, NH4..et

Valve Calibration
Valve Calibration

Valve Calibration

Pressure Safety Valve / Relief Valve

Pneumatic / Hydraulic

Our Calibration Services

Electro -Technical

  • Energy Meter (Three / Single phase )
  • Multifunction Meter
  • Power Analyser
  • AC & DC Ammeter / Voltmeter
  • Multimeter / Clamp meter
  • Current / Voltage Probe / Shunt
  • Earth Tester / Insulation Tester
  • Resistance meter / Megger
  • AC & DC Current / Voltage Controller
  • Loop Calibrator / Source Simulator

Temperature & Humidity

  • Thermocouple / RTD Sensor
  • Temperature Controller / Indicator
  • Temperature Gauge / Switch
  • Pyrometer / IR Thermometer
  • Temperature Transmitter / Switch
  • Temperature Scanner / Data logger
  • Refrigerator / Freezer
  • Water / Oil Bath
  • Cold  / Storage room Validation
  • Temperature & Humidity Mapping

Pressure & Vacuum

  • Pressure Transmitter
  • Pressure sensors
  • Differential Pressure Transmitter
  • Digital Pressure Indicator
  • Pressure / Vacuum Gauge
  • Control Valve (Pneumatic / Electric)
  • Pressure Switch / Safety Valve
  • Magnehlic / Compound Gauge
  • Manometer / Barometer
  • Level Sensor / DP Level Gauge

VFD Capacitor Reforming services

Capacitor reforming is based on DC power supply, which is connected to converter DC link. Power supply current charges the converter capacitors. If VFD Storage long periods (6 Months to 2 years) or Newly Starting Power Supply, When Reforming is necessity. If the capacitors are rapidly taken to their rated voltage, excessive leakage current may cause them to overheat and fail. 

Range: 0-1000VDC, 2Amps. Make: ABB, SIEMENS, MITSUBISHI, DELTA, FUJI or any reputed.