About us

                    EDR stands Engineering, Design, Research    - "Measuring the Future of Energy "                                        

EDR Power Integrators is a team of Energetic Engineers with field of expertise knowledge in Industrial Instrumentation, Meters, Process Controller, Energy Management System and IoT System Integration Solutions with developing latest emerging technologies and providing cost effective and precise products and long-term sustainability solutions.  

Established in 2020, we have grown to become a leading player in the industry, offering a range of electronic devices and services, including conceptual Engineering design, Development, production, assembling, Quality Testing & Validatation.

Engineering Design, Development

EDR conceptualize innovative solutions that drive efficiency.

Production &

Our skilled team brings ideas to life, ensuring high-quality products.

Quality Testing & Validation

Rigorous testing ensures reliability, performance & Meet the Standards

Finished Product
​Ready to Market 

End to End Solution for all Application, Cost Effective & Precise

We are committed to delivering high-quality solutions to our clients across various industries, including power generation, renewable energy, utilities, and more.  Offer Turnkey based projects with complete end to end solutions for 

-  EMS - Energy Management System
-  WMS - Water Management System
-  Machiner Monitoring / OEE
-  Solar / Battery Monitoring System
-  Smart Lighting Automation System 
-  HVAC/ Building Management System
-  Asset Monitoring System 
-  Quality Testing System

Our focus is on developing innovative technologies that enable us to measure, manage, and optimize energy consumption and production more efficiently, accurately, and sustainably. At EDR Power Integrators, we take pride in our commitment to sustainable practices and delivering exceptional value to our clients. 

Our Mission

To develop and implement innovative technologies in Energy, with a focus on Smart Metering and Management, to optimize energy consumption and production more efficiently, accurately, and sustainably for our Nation and Globally.

Our Vision

To be the leading provider of sustainable Energy, Water, and Environment Management solutions that reduce carbon emissions, promote energy savings, and improve efficiency. We aim to achieve this by engaging with all stakeholders in a transparent, ethical, and socially responsible manner to create shared value for our clients, partners, employees, and society.

Quality Policy

We are committed to providing high-quality, reliable, and efficient products and services to our clients by maintaining rigorous quality standards throughout the entire product development process. Our focus on precision and attention to detail ensures that our solutions exceed our clients' expectations in all aspects of our business.