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Smart Meter it supports active & reactive energy, measurement, instantaneous measurement of Voltage, Current, Power, Demand, Frequency, Power factor, relay disconnection & reconnection management, pre-paid to post-paid conversion or vice-versa. with an optional plug-and-play RF/GPRS (2G/3G/4...

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MFM9112, MFM9212, MFM9012, MFM9013,MFM9113, MFM9014, MFM901, EM9024, MFM9022, MFM9500, MFM9501, MFM9502, APM7500, EM9005, DEM9004, DEM9004F, PWT9060V, PWT9060A, PWT9060F, PWT9060F, MFM9060, PFC9059, PF9055, PFC9070, VAF9000, VLT9053, AMM9043

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Improving power plant performance through calibration.
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EDM EMS V4.0 Platform to transform a smart meter into a real-time feedback tool for consumers. By Providing real-time data on electricity, water, Fuel and Gas usage, Smart Meters allow users to make smarter decision about their energy usage 


Energy Management techniques that uses ener...

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Integration : Energy Meter, Multifunction Meter, MDC, EB Sub-Meter, Breaker
Feeders: HT Incomer, DG set, Solar Generation, MV Panel, PCC, MCC, LT Panel

Communication Protocol: MODBUS RTU, TCP, Profibus

Parameters: Voltage, Current, Power, Energy, Frequency, PF, Load On hr, Idle hr

Know Where Your Energy...

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