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Smart Meter it supports active & reactive energy, measurement, instantaneous measurement of Voltage, Current, Power, Demand, Frequency, Power factor, relay disconnection & reconnection management, pre-paid to post-paid conversion or vice-versa. with an optional plug-and-play RF/GPRS (2G/3G/4...

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MFM9112, MFM9212, MFM9012, MFM9013,MFM9113, MFM9014, MFM901, EM9024, MFM9022, MFM9500, MFM9501, MFM9502, APM7500, EM9005, DEM9004, DEM9004F, PWT9060V, PWT9060A, PWT9060F, PWT9060F, MFM9060, PFC9059, PF9055, PFC9070, VAF9000, VLT9053, AMM9043

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Level Measurement: In the modern manufacturing industries which use many solvents, chemicals, steam and other liquids, and the power plants which use vast amount of water, the accurate measurement of liquid level is very essential.

Medium: Water, Effluent water, Oil, Diesel, Furnace Oil, Fuel, liquid...

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Energy conserved and saved is equivalent to energy generated. Spending on Energy conservation not only reduces energy bills, but same precious natural resources and reduce investments required in additional power generation capacity. In 2050 the world economy will be four time as large as today, gen...

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Improving power plant performance through calibration.
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